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ISSN print: 1935-0791 | electronic: 2152-9604

Trowbridge Cooney [PDF]

History in the Making: Reflections on Timor-Leste in 2012
Douglas Kammen [PDF]

Proclaiming East Timor: Historical Reflections on Political Declarations

Ann Wigglesworth [PDF]

Dreaming of a Different Life: Steps Towards Democracy and Equality in Timor-Leste

Clara Sarmento [PDF]

New Journeys Through Old Paths: Critical Readings on Gender in Timor-Leste

Kerry Taylor-Leech [PDF]

Timor-Leste: Multilingual Education for All?

Francesco Goglia & Susana Afonso [PDF]

Multilingualism and Language Maintenance in the East Timorese Diaspora in Portugal
Isabel Moutinho [PDF]

Historicity and Storytelling in East Timorese Fiction in Portuguese

Anthony Soares [PDF]

Plus ça change: (Post)Colonial Timor-Leste as a Return to (Pre)Colonial Realities in the Novels of Luís Cardoso

Ana Margarida Ramos [PDF]

Da resistência política à libertação amorosa: eixos temáticos da poesia de Fernando Sylvan