imageHuman Health is a reflection of Earth Health. It is essential to share knowledge to uplift our bonds and renew the spirit-consciousness in every corner of the planet.

In Global Education Magazine we stand up for Global Health as a fundamental way to reach human happiness.

Namaste! The main goal of the Global Education Magazine is to unite the cooperative efforts of the individual-society-specie for the creation of inter-ethnic dialogues that derive in the construction of a collective intelligence focused on achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Like an isolated neuron or an ant, which cannot contribute categorically to the network structure to which it belongs, mankind must develop a social learning, based on peaceful coexistence and respect for biodiversity of different ecosystems. The architects of the future of education should expand existing cognitive horizons through a multidimensional epistemological revolution that includes Earth-homeland as commons home and garden of the humanity.Our goal is to disseminate educational experiences (formal, non-formal and informal) from all over the world, creating new “glocals” networks to reflect about the value and significance of education in the XXI century globalized age. Some reflections that demand to contextualize the globalization tackling global dynamics (economical, political, cultural, social, educational, religious, etc.) with a complex thinking process and a holistic, poly-logic, multireferential, planetary and cosmic vision that proposes pragmatic alternatives for a changing, multidimensional and interdependent world.

Its aims is to create and disseminate specialized knowledge with multi, inter and transdisciplinary contents, with original works of research, studies, reviews and innovative experiences to improve management and practice of institutions and organizations with humanitarian and philanthropic educational activities. For that reason we promote copyleft and creative commons for the dissemination of the magazine.

Global Education Magazine is destined to raise awareness, to develop critical thinking, and encourage the active participation of students in achieving global citizenship, solidarity, and committed to poverty eradication and sustainable human development.

Their preferred writers are come from educational scientific community with international projects, humanitarian and voluntary activities, as well as cooperation and development: Public and Private Educational Institutions, NGOs, Development and Cooperation Associations, International Volunteers, etc

We have the followings publications in the current journal:

Some articles are available for blinds available for blinds, Global Education Magazine


available for blinds, Global Education Magazine

UBUNTU Cosmic Energy: the Ethical Basis for Future Worldists

La Energia Cósmica UBUNTU: la Base Ética de los Futuros Mundólogos

Javier Collado Ruano, Director of Edition

On the Occasion of World Health Day. By Dr. Ala Alwan, WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean

SPECIAL: Health in United Nations: Millennium Development Goals

Proyectos de la UNESCO para comienzos del año

UNHCR’s work on HIV in the Americas


El Oasis de la Memoria. Entrevista con Aminatou Haidar

L´Oasis dans la Mémoire. Interview avec Aminatou Haidar

The Oasis of Memory. An Interview with Aminatou Haidar

Critical Pedagogy Against Capitalist Schooling: Towards a Socialist Alternative. An Interview with Peter McLaren

Salud para la Educación. José María Barroso Tristán, Secretario de Alternativas Educativas


1stMillennium Development Goals of the United Nations Section:

El VIH/SIDA como Objetivo de Desarrollo del Milenio: el caso de Nicaragua y su Índice de Desarrollo Humano. Itahisa Pérez-Pérez

Tending to the Whole Person:  Healthcare Chaplaincy and the United Nations Millennium Goals 2015. Rabbi D’vorah Rose

Education: an Essential Component in Guaranteeing the Right to Health? Cristina Sirur y Mariana Ruiz de Lobera

A importância de hábitos saudáveis na luta contra o câncer. Emanuela Bezerra Gueiros

2nd) Global Education Section:

Educación para la Salud y VIH/SIDA: una respuesta desde la participación comunitaria. Juan Agustín Morón Marchena e Itahisa Pérez-Pérez

available for blinds, Global Education Magazine Habilidades para la vida: una estrategia para promover la salud y el bienestar infantil y adolescente. Juan Carlos Melero

Medioambiente y ciudadanía: Educación para la participación como base de una educación ciudadana planetaria. Olga Moreno Fernandez y Francisco F. García Pérez

Medios abiertos de América Latina: Apuntes sobre la aplicación de los indicadores mediático-culturales. Ruth De Frutos García

3rd) Transversal Studies Section:

Importancia del Psicólogo en pacientes infectados con VIH/SIDA. Estudio del caso de Dajabón, República Dominicana. Francisco Orgaz Agüera y Eugenia Cruz

available for blinds, Global Education Magazine ¿Prevenir o educar? Una aproximación a la gestión de placeres y riesgos. José Ignacio Bozano Herrero

available for blinds, Global Education Magazine A.B.S. – Azioni di Bassa Soglia. L’esperienza della città di Firenze.

E. Eleonora Moscardi, Mara Marchitelli e Valentina Menzella

Reflections on the HIV Program in India. Anita Rego

available for blinds, Global Education Magazine Acesso a Água: desenvolvimento humano, saúde e educação. Valdir Lamim-Guedes

In addition, we also have other interesting letters with useful information:

New Peace and Conflict Studies Program, American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Cvijeta Novakovic

Palestinian Youth. Khair A. Barham

Open Enterprise Space in Brazil. New Mindset Entrepreneurship. Mikele Ferraro e Giovanni Cerrone

Pig production & Marketing Uganda Limited

Water Resource. Georges Radjou

Global Education Magazine encourages all readers to participate in the coming edition: World Refugee Day (June 20th)