What is Ecopedagogy?

An Ecopedagogy Message to Educators

An Ecopedagogy Message to Parents

An Ecopedagogy Message to Children & Students

Part One: Thirteen Topics in Ecopedagogy + “Let’s Create Together”

1. Sense of Life – A Smile Doesn’t Cost Anything, a Kiss Makes Us Happy

2. The Civilization of Nature

3. The New City – Nature’s City for Children’s Steps!

4. Our School – Dialogue, Critical Thinking and Creative Wisdom

5. Traditional Ecological Knowledge – Grandma Taught Me

6. Health, Physical Development and Media – TV, Computer, We Are Not

Friends Anymore!

7. The Planet and Its Resources – Property and Life for All

8. Climate Change Today

9. Work, Human Activity and Climate Change

10. Liberty, Democracy, and Oppression

11. Peace – Life for Tomorrow

12. Morality for Family, Family for a Better Possible World

13. Our Situation – Let’s Stop and Reflect for a while!

Part Two: Ecopedagogical Narratives and Fables

From Australia

Futures of Education: Re-evaluating Love, Life, Wisdom and Voice

Swinging for Light: Playing for Science

The Sun-Juice Cave: Nurturing “Radical Amazement”

From Brazil

To Study in the Paradise of Santa Catarina, Costa da Lagoa

An Ecopedagogical Experience in Elementary Schools in Brazil

A Drop of Life

I Want to Live Even More!

From Bulgaria

Much and Less

The Magic Kingdom of the Little Mermaid

The Most Interesting Film

A Poor Child, a School and a Bee Today

Humans and Civilization

From Italy

Miriam and the “Good Wind”

Back  into  the  Alps:  How  the  Brown  Bear  Bruno-Osvaldo  Educates  and

Helps Children for the Future

A Day of My Diary. In the Mountain!

The Eagle’s Peak

From USA

My Bicycle Speaks: “No Fracking”

What’s an Education for?

Multiple  Ecologies:  Early  Lives  in  Small  Town,  Urban,  and  Suburban

America (Childhood Reflections)

Part  Three:  What  Can  We  Do,  What  Can  We  Not  Do?  Actions  for  a  New


One  Oven,  One  Table,  One  Bread:  How  Bread  is  Changing  the  World

through the Bread Houses Network

The Earth Charter Game: Putting  it into Practice and  Experiencing a New

Just and Sustainable Civilization


2017 – Ecopedagogical Economy: People No Longer Belong to Markets,

Markets Belong to People

For a Better Possible World: Some Ideas and Proposals from Trentino. “A

Child, a Tree, a Forest”

A House Made from Earth. Searching in the Past We Find the Future

Conclusion: Planetary Society and Planetary Legislation for 2015!

Ecopedagogy is Action, It is the Future, It is the Life and Civilization of the

New Generations

Instead of Afterword: Earth’s Pedagogy. By Moacir Gadotti